Here's a copy of the latest rules and laws for use of LED light bars.

March 20, 2014

Here is a copy of the latest rules for use of LED Light Bars in Queensland.  It has replaced the old rules stating that two lights must be fitted or a divider.    Continue Reading →

New Halo Performance Lighting ' Dominator' Range

March 15, 2014

At Halo Performance Lighting, we are always striving to deliver the brightest and most powerful LED Light Bars on the market. With the advancement in technology, we look to use higher powered LED's offering greater output to produce a higher lumens per led.  This allows us to use less leds to produce greater light and thus address the heat and stability concerns with light.     With the 10 watt LEDs now producing 800 lumens per led, we believe we have achieved a great result and will continue to deliver our great value for money promise.    With this we have announced our 10 watt LED light bar range, with several sizes available. We have released a new, lighter housing... Continue Reading →